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Wellness & Awakening offers one on one customized sessions of fully personalized Mindfulness, Meditation, Spiritual Exploration & Life Guidance, supported by assisting a client in “Self-Discovered Spiritual Practices”™: A self-empowering awareness of one’s own innate abilities to achieve their life’s improvements & overall wellness, learn & explore one’s self and authentically develop one’s own personal spiritual practices. Accomplishing these aspired results from any self-cultivated or existing modality of practice utilizing “ways” that are solely discovered by the individual from within themselves and are most often unique to only them. Thus, it does not instruct any pre-established form of practice nor pre-designed System, Method nor Technique at any time.


These delivered services and information are in no way to be construed as nor substituted for psychotherapy, any other type of therapy or mental health care, substance abuse counseling or treatment, nor any form of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Eddy has an Educational and Experiential background in Spiritual Living & Alternative Wellness, Modalities of Energy Therapy, the "Awakened State of Being" and the Guidance of Others in exploring “Self-Discovered Spiritual Practices”. These delivered services and information are not licensed by the state of California and are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state. Edward Kopernik DBA Wellness & Awakening is not a licensed physician, is not acting as a psychotherapist and does not purport to offer mental health care nor any legal, financial nor business advice.


Any and all persons receiving these services and information from Edward Kopernik DBA Wellness & Awakening has done so by their own choice and with inherent singular responsibility. Any actions or lack of actions taken, by any and all persons, is done so solely by their own choice and responsibility and is neither the responsibility nor liability of Edward Kopernik DBA Wellness & Awakening.

Service & Liability


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