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"Personalized" Mindfulness, Meditation

Spiritual Exploration & Life Guidance

818 . 325 . 6109

This is my Life's Work...

I look forward to 

All of our Encounters.

I walk With You on your Journey through One on One Sessions that are Personalized to Your Experiences and can Assist you in Any Area of your Life. As your Guide I will accommodate the needs and rhythm of where you are on your life's path and how you are going to walk it to Achieving your Goals & Grandest Potential.   

Eddy Kopernik
 Founder & "Your Personal Guide"


This is your Amazing Journey...

... to discover your truth, inner strength and self empowerment. To heal and triumph over your challenges, to find your Happiness, Balance and your Life's Direction.    

All by the power of the Master  
already within You.

A Few Shared Words

"The deep insight Eddy has facilitated these years of soul talks, has lifted my spirit through every crossroad: a crumbling marriage, family loss, loving again, and my own spiritual development." 

—  Ali Muelas

    Spanish Professor

I am Ready to See you...

Are you Ready to...

You can Easily Begin with a  

Complimentary In Person Session

Begin the Journey Within

Interviewed by 

Voyage LA Magazine

20 Years of 

Wellness & Awakening

Podcast Guest on

Rise Up For You

Where I've Been 

&  What has Arrived

Your Path belongs Only to You"

Now you can Explore 
deep Within...

...find your Answers and Change your Life, as you are guided throughout Your Own & One of its Kind, Awakened Journey.

is Waiting.

The Grandest you can Imagine 

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818. 325. 6109

Our Complimentary Session
"Your First Steps"

This is our introduction to each other and your personal journey that awaits you. We indulge in a Session of Exploration to give you a glimpse of your inner self, seeing your path and envisioning the transformation and fulfillment that lies ahead. The simple moments for any questions to be asked, alignments to be felt and most importantly, a trust to be embraced that…

I will be of True 
Service to You

Send a Message to Reserve your Complimentary, No Obligation Session.

already within You.

In 4 Minutes

Is Waiting.

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Confidential & Never Shared

Thank You for your Reservation! I will contact you shortly to Confirm our Meeting. Continue a Perfect Day!

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