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"Your Path belongs Only to You"

Your experience and exploration of your life, spirituality and existence is infinitely diverse and

so incredibly unique. Below are just a few of the countless forms in which we can journey together.

Please Contact me Anytime for Session Pricing. We can set up our sessions in any quantity and frequency specific to your Time, Budget and Needs. Always Offered... Just Ask :)

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Our Sessions

At any capacity that you feel ready and whichever parts of your life you wish to

Explore, Allow, Relinquish, Discover, Expand, Improve & Transform...

The wonders are immeasurable and your possibilities are truly limitless.

"Your Path belongs Only to you."

Below are just some of the infinite forms with which we can take that Journey.

Your Mindful Way

Discover your power to Relieve your Stresses, Relinquish your Preoccupations and Alter your Perceptions of self and environment, so that you’re living your life’s every moment to its fullest and free from ailment.

This is Mindfulness! An exciting exploration of an Inner and Outer Awareness that is so functional it can also assist with a wide range of health and wellness challenges such as mood difficulties, addiction, insomnia, chronic pain, emotional or physical trauma recovery and so much more. You are carefully guided through your own personal steps to allowing in an enlightened perspective and heightened awareness that will gently open your Body, Mind and Experiences

to mental clearing and emotional repair. This is you giving yourself access to a whole new world

of “self care”, the foundation to a more tranquil, content and balanced life.

My Services

&  Accommodations

I Arrive to You, wherever we've chosen, within an approximate 15 mile radius of Studio City, California. To your Home, Workplace, Outdoors, Etc. "We always meet in natural daily environments, where life actually happens."

Standard Session - 75min.

Short Session - 45min.
One Session per week qualifies as "Routine Sessions"

Exclusive Access
Included service with "Routine Sessions".  Learn More 

Video & Phone Sessions
For Scheduled 75min. & 45min. Session

"Call me Anytime"

15min. Increment Phone Sessions
No scheduling needed within Business Days & Hours, Standard Rates Apply

Text Me Anytime

For Questions, Immediate Guidance or Moment of Support

Included service with "Routine Sessions"

Single Sessions

&  Bundles

Please Contact me Anytime for Session Pricing.

We can set up our sessions in any quantity and frequency, specific to your Time, Budget and Needs. 

Always Offered...  Just Ask :) 

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" What is Your Truth? " 

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