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818. 325. 6109

"Your Path belongs Only to You"

Your experience and exploration of your life, spirituality and existence is infinitely diverse and

so incredibly unique. Below are just a few of the countless forms in which we can journey together.

I provide Private Sessions at a $2.00 per min. Base Rate. We can set up our sessions in any quantity and frequency specific to your Time, Budget and Needs. Always Offered... Just Ask :)

Your Message has been Received. I look forward to Connecting with You. Have a Magnificent Day!

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Our Sessions

At any capacity that you feel ready and whichever parts of your life you wish to

Explore, Allow, Relinquish, Discover, Expand, Improve & Transform...

The wonders are immeasurable and your possibilities are truly limitless.

"Your Path belongs Only to you."

Below are just some of the infinite forms with which we can take that Journey.

Your Exploration
"Knowing what lies Inside"

You are awakening and exploring. You may need to heal, be supported, be “seen” and cared for or simply understood. Seeking a deeper “connection”, answers, how you are feeling, what you are doing with your life. This Exploration is to Reveal to you your Personal Truths, Current Challenges and Inner Strengths. For you to See and Accept the grandness you are beginning to discover. Together we will develop and nurture this journey and growth as we...

Encourage your Wakefulness

My Services

&  Accommodations

I Arrive to You, wherever we've chosen, within an approximate 15 mile radius of Studio City, California. To your Home, Workplace, Outdoors, Etc. "We always meet in natural daily environments, where life actually happens."

Standard Session - 75min.

Short Session - 45min.
One Session per week qualifies as "Routine Sessions"

Exclusive Access
Included service with "Routine Sessions".  Learn More 

Video & Phone Sessions
For Scheduled 75min. & 45min. Session

"Call me Anytime"

15min. Increment Phone Sessions
No scheduling needed within Business Days & Hours, Standard Rates Apply

Text Me Anytime

For Questions, Immediate Guidance or Moment of Support

Included service with "Routine Sessions"

Single Sessions

&  Bundles

I provide Private Sessions at a $2.00 per min. Base Rate.

We can set up our sessions in any quantity and frequency, specific to your Time, Budget and Needs. 

Always Offered...  Just Ask :) 

Save $1080.00 with this Bundle

20% off Sessions

Save $240.00 with this Bundle

Save $660.00 with this Bundle

15% off Sessions

" What is Your Truth? " 

In the Himalayas
Ability to suffer
Life is going perfect
Imagination is Limitless
If you dont have a way
A quite place
You might not like it
You are Your Only Guru
Wading Water
Our Greatest Growth
The task in the journey
It's Not out there
Ready for the answer 1
Not to face your challenge
Far from Knowing
Involuntary Reflexes
Advice from happy people
Belief in its power
Difficulty changing
Doubt always wins
Arrive as imagined
Your faking it
You're already there
Taken for granted
Never anywhere to go
Not a result of journey
The Wise Man
I dont create my reality
Don't go off
Love misses Us
Fountain of youth
Fear the unknown
Detouring from the truth
Desires to find Joy
Concept of Adversity
Bring Happiness
Being Still
Be Patient
An Ascended encounter
Acheive Enlightenment
Absence of Desire
Think in short term
Happiness in pursuing life
Consequence of the truth
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