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Meet Eddy Kopernik of Wellness & Awakening

Eddy Koperik

Today we’d like to introduce you to Eddy Kopernik.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

It is Truly A Life Long Story. I was a wakeful little kid. I recognized my own “Awakening” and experienced my full “Self-Realization” when I was only 7 yrs. old. I’ve been exploring it and practicing within it ever since.

I had the grand fortune of an environment that did not oppose nor suppress and even more importantly, advocate and influence the spiritual and existential path that I discovered so early on in life. I was truly allowed my own and uncontaminated exploration of these magical depths of existence. Throughout my lifetime of spiritual and philosophical journey I have had no teachers, masters nor gurus dispensing to me nor guiding me with their knowledge, wisdom nor direction, I am genuinely a fully self-realized Alternative & Spiritual Wellness practitioner. My “back ground” (my metaphysical/spiritual awarenesses, practices, philosophy, ascended perspective, recognition of consciousness and my awareness of our fundamental spiritual truths), is not and has never been externally acquired. That is the foundation of my work. Since I personally discovered and attained such grandness and beauty without seeking outside myself, I can present and endorse with absolute conviction the simple truth that all the self-empowerment and spiritual knowledge we could ever seek, all the answers, all our needed adjustments, our tranquility and balance, happiness, healing and enlightenment is already within Us to see, not “out there” to find. You just have to recognize it within you and accept it, and then allow it to show you your grandest potential. In my assistance to those who find me, I simply facilitate their awakening to that truth and walk beside them on their own and one of its kind journey toward what it uniquely is to them and what it will mean to their lives at every level.

That is how it began and a little of what it is, which ultimately brings how I got to where I am today; My Private Practice of "Personalized" Mindfulness, Meditation, Spiritual Exploration & Life Guidance. As my story conveys, my unrestricted enlightened connection to our existence has been with me since my youth. This provided me a lifelong relationship with Our Spirituality and the “Awakened” State of Being. This “relationship” allowed me the ability to deeply see and feel the spiritual and existential journey of another and thus, the ability to walk with them on that path if they needed guidance. By my later teens I began to experience this direct assistance of others in this way by happenstance and random encounter. Over the years it only grew in its form, magnitude and quantity as those in need seemingly “find me” with a conscious or subconscious awareness that I can be of assistance to the deepest of their life’s challenges and answers they seek. When someone recognizes that, it is Mind Blowing what will come pouring out after just a few minutes, having never met me before. It never surprised me, but was simply understood as my function at that given moment. From this understanding comes the use of the term “My Role”. I always accepted it and allowed it but it has and always will be a choice of whether or not I facilitate it and at what capacity.

So I do choose it, to actively facilitate it and at its grandest capacity, but why? Well, another resulting quality of my wakeful life, that “allows” me to uphold this role and function, is that “I’m Good,” “I’m Okay.” I live my life in complete happiness, balance and contentment. I do not “need” anything. I live in tranquility and without conflict with others, the world around me nor with myself. So since “I’m Good”, my natural and intuitive progression was to assist those around me, to give back, and I had that ability in abundance. Crafted and explored, recognized and so powerfully ready to offer, so I did. In 2006 I “chose” to fully embraced this lifelong path and role and began to more formally assist others one on one. It began philanthropically and in humanitarian settings and opportunities, ultimately finding itself as a private practice. In early 2011 I took Wellness & Awakening into the World, literally, as I sold everything I owned but what I could fit into a 100-year-old steamer trunk that I stowed away with my family. I then set out with no predetermined timeframes nor destinations as I backpacked for the next 5 years through Europe, Northern Africa and Central America. Exploring this magnificent planet, connecting to and assisting many lives, in many cultures, in so many amazing forms.

Simply put, combine being organically driven to give back with the ability to powerfully facilitate guiding another on their inner journey, et voilà, what has become “Wellness & Awakening” was born. In 2015, my home town of Los Angeles became its Home Base.

Eddy Koperik

Has it been a smooth road?

Honestly, a smooth road it’s been indeed. The only true challenge I’ve ever really had has been that since the journey I walk with any individual is so unique and like no other’s, it can sometimes be difficult to give it a comprehensive description so that what I do and provide can be adequately presented to others or a community. It remains a challenge to this day.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Wellness & Awakening story. Tell us more about the business.

I provide completely personalized services to my clients through one on one sessions that are exclusive & unique to each individual and can assist them in any area of their lives. As a “Personal Guide” I accommodate the needs and rhythm of where the individual is on their life’s path and how they are personally going to walk it to achieving their goals, desires, grandest potential, happiness, balance and infinitely more.

I specialize in and am known for the guidance of another though "Self Discovered Spiritual Practices"™. Supporting and Encouraging their personalized steps of their own journey, opposed to the implementation of pre-existing methods, ways, techniques, systems or philosophies (external teachings). I work with another on how they will get there on their own as they recognize their own and one of its kind path, method, and philosophy from within themselves. Having me to utilize for guidance at any time along the way.

I do not direct nor push, I do not motivate nor instruct, I observe and I assist when needed, as one discovers that they were the Master all along.

What I am most proud of is that through my success, I have upheld my vow of the authenticity and purity in which I facilitate my assistance and guidance of another.

One of the many things that sets me apart is that what I “do” is truly the fruition of my life’s work. It is not a result of having spotted a growing industry and thought it could be a great career choice or the next profitable endeavor. I have kept my work uncontaminated by personal interest and consumption. It is so far beyond what I “do” really. This is My Truth, My Role, My Function, My Life Long Journey of helping those Awakening around me.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?

It’s only getting bigger. Every Day, Month, Year, more people are waking up to the spiritual, metaphysical and holistic for their overall wellness instead of the clinical, pharmaceutical and psychotherapeutic.

There is a big shift that we are actually currently in and it is what I personally facilitate with my own work.

Eddy Koperik

It is this. We are becoming more “Spiritually Intelligent”. As a result, we are shifting away from the Paradigm of “Can you show me the path you discovered, so I can follow it?” (Seeking the Master/Guru). And we are moving toward the Paradigm of “My own unique path already exists within me to discover and follow.” (One is their own Master/Guru).

Away from: “show me how to become you”

Toward: “show me how to see that I’m already there”

Away from: “trying to attain enlightenment”

Toward: “seeing that you always have been”

It’s True Self-Empowerment. And it leaves a lot less to sell to the masses from a distance and requires more one on one personal assistance. Because those waking up in this new paradigm, if they need guidance, they will not ask for someone’s pre-created instructions on how to get there, they will seek someone capable of guiding them toward the discovery and creation of their own personal instructions, that work only for them. To even begin to do that, a facilitator has to know exactly where that person is on so many levels and facets of their life. As this is very specific and totally different for every individual, it can’t be presented at a Seminar to sell a ticket to, written into a book to buy nor put on a CD for purchase. It’s a journey taken, walking beside the person who wants that kind of guidance.

This “Shift” definitely asks for a larger number of authentic alternative & spiritual wellness practitioners and guides and similar forms of facilitators, capable of taking that personal inner journey with another. Because when working with others at this capacity and in this form, you can only have a handful of clients when fully facilitating the personal interaction and connection that it most often needs. But with this need, more will awaken specifically for the filling of that role. Amazing changes and growth to come Indeed!

Eddy Koperik
Eddy Koperik
Eddy Koperik
Eddy Koperik


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