Wellness & Awakening

" It is in YOU" 


                Exclusive Life Wellness Guidance 

                                                                   "Your Personalized Inner Exploration"

Welcome my Friends

This is my Life's Work. I guide others on their Inner Journey through One on One sessions that are Exclusive & Unique to each and every client. In any area of your life, any challenge, any exploration, I can assist you in Rediscovering your True Life Direction, Achieving Pure Personal Happiness and Finding Permanent Inner Balance through Metaphysical/Spiritual Life Revelation and your Awareness of what it is to have "Awakened"... And that is only the beginning!

As your Personal Guide I will accommodate the needs and rhythm of where you are on your life's path and how you personally are going to walk it to achieving your goals. I can "See" you and I can "Feel" you far beyond your surface, into your human experience and further. Revealing your truth and inner strength, empowering you to help yourself, heal, find that "Connection", find your Answers, feel Life Fulfillment and True Joy! All by the power of Your Own Master already within You.



" My Life Long Story in 4 Minutes"  ~ The Beginnings of Wellness & Awakening 


My Truth


"My moments consist of observing the moments themselves...

      I watch the World..."

I have "Gifts", "Abilities", "Awarenesses" of an infinite sort,

      to offer my fellow beings around me and their entities that inhabit them.

But I do not wait... I do not search... There is nothing to "do"...

      I simply listen...

Because those who I am to encounter in this way, at this capacity, they will find me.

      And by the acceptance of this "path" within my human experience,

            I am simply ready for when they arrive.

It has presented me with things I never could have imagined,

      things I do not fully understand, that are seemingly incomprehensible,

            That I am an Empath. Psychic, Prophetic and a Healer,

                  have access to infinite Universal Knowledge (as we all do)

                        and am ultimately anything that is called upon. (as we all are)

It reveals an immeasurable responsibility of many forms and has shown me,

      that it may be to have some of the things I would have never asked for

            and may be to not have some of the things I have always desired.

It is a choice... But I do not choose It,

      I choose to accept,

            That it is what I have always been,

            That it is what I have always known,

            That it is what I have always seen as the underlying path of this lifetime...

That is "My Truth."

      And I have arrived there in my life... To assist the lives Others.