Wellness & Awakening

" It is in YOU" 


Metaphysical/Spiritual Counseling & Life Guidance 

"Your Personalized Inner Exploration"


Welcome my Friends

This is my Life's Work. I walk with you on your Inner Journey through One on One sessions that are Exclusive & Unique to you. As your Personal Guide I will accommodate the needs and rhythm of where you are on your life's path and how you personally are going to walk it to achieving your goals.

I can Assist you in Any Area of your Life as I "See" and "Feel" you far beyond your surface, into your human experience and further. This is your amazing journey to discover your truth, inner strength, and self empowerment. To heal, triumph over your challenges, find your Happiness, Balance and your Life's Direction. All by the power of the Master already within You.



 ~ Receive a Complimentary In Person Session ~


"My Personal Introduction to You" 


"A few Shared Words from those I've Encountered"


"Eddy made himself available and more than the moments we would have scheduled. If I needed to talk, he was available thru text or calling directly. I really needed this at this most awakened time."

~ Annamarie Polcaro, L. A.


"The deep insight Eddy has facilitated these years of soul talks, has lifted my spirit through every crossroad: a crumbling marriage, family loss, loving again, and my own spiritual development."

~ Ali Mueles, Costa Mesa


"...under his beautiful guidance, supported by his input 

and insights, has steered my 

life in magical directions, 

taken my well being 

and my dreams to new and 

expanded horizons...." 

~Dani Kelly, Studio City


"Where I've Been and What has Arrived"

I've assisted people one on one for over a decade in more than 10 different countries, facilitating our awakening consciousness, providing Metaphysical/Spiritual Counseling & "Intuitive Guidance" as my committed profession since 2011. I have a powerfully established relationship with our Spirituality, my own Empathology and the Awakened State of Being, as I have been exploring it and practicing within it for most of my life. My Private Practice Wellness & Awakening is the fruition of this life's work.

W&A is Serving our arrived Metaphysical & Spiritual Evolution. As more and more of us recognize this progression within ourselves it brings rise to a revolutionary new way of seeing our lives. Within this new form of existence, when one needs guidance, it calls for a new form of assistance. And In that, my time had arrived to become accessible to the awakening world around Us.

"When we seek a more Pure & Genuine Truth within ourselves, if we need help we intuitively search for that same authenticity in the one who may guide us on that journey." 

"The Beginnings of Wellness & Awakening" 


Now you can Explore Deep Within, Find your Answers and Change your Life, 

as you are guided throughout Your Own & One of it's Kind, Awakened Journey


"I am Ready to "See" You...

                Are YOU Ready to Go?"


"I look Forward to All of our Encounters!"